Thursday, May 9, 2013

Celiac Awareness Month

The month of May is Celiac Disease Awareness Month

Our older daughter, Melissa, was diagnosed with Celiac Disease
a little over 2 years ago. 
I have suffered from many of the same symptoms for years.
She insisted I request my doctor test me for Celiac. 
Apparently the lab work was negative.  I continued to eat
as always, and continued to have problems. 
*Consider this my coming out confession*
I went "Gluten-Free" on February 15th. 
Oh my goodness!  What a difference in the way I feel!
I have more energy, sleep better, no sinus headaches,
no acid reflux, and the list of health improvements goes on.  
I have experienced 3 slip-ups. 
The first time, I ate wheat by choice. (stubbornness)
The next time, I was misinformed at a restaurant. 
The third time was at a catered meal, and I was hungry. (poor excuse)
The results: severe, severe sinus headaches.
I made it all the way through Paris, Greece and Italy without eating
their fabulous breads and any gluten.
I can remain Gluten-Free for my good health, but
it has severely cramped my Afternoon Tea Habit (addiction).
I have, however, found enough gluten-free foods to make myself
and Melissa and nice Afternoon Tea. 
I can do this.  I can remain off gluten.  I can....
Please don't tempt me with delicious warm scones.


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