Monday, July 15, 2013

Boston Tea Party Museum Shopping

The publicity information for the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum
says they have the largest selection of teapots for sale than any other Boston location.
And, I agree, they had many pretty teapots and teacups, and more
TEA and tea things than I have seen at any one shop! 
In addition, they have many historical and souvenir items
including a very large model of the Cutty Sark tea clipper ship I thought
was going to make its way home with us. Finally, the guys settled on a much smaller version.
I had a very difficult time deciding what to purchase from the great selection.
It's a good thing this was a road trip and not air travel. 
The Jim Shore angel of Generosity "Giving Is It's Own Reward"
came home with me.
The tea time spreaders and forks were among many different tea wares in the shop.

There were many different tea-themed pieces of jewelry available.

And, lots of tea books, tea book marks, magnets, tee (tea) shirts, tote bags, and more! 
I could have stayed much longer in the gift shop, and the
guys were nice not to rush me, especially since they were trying
to determine how to pack up the huge Cutty Sark model,
But alas, we made it out with only two bags of items we were able to carry with us. 


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