Monday, November 4, 2013

Kentucky Living Magazine Christmas Afternoon Tea

I received a phone call in June from a writer wanting to interview
me for Kentucky Living Magazine.  I was told the
editor wanted an article about someone in Kentucky who
has an annual Family Holiday Tea in their home. 
Bruce Richardson of Elmwood Inn Fine Teas shop in Danville, KY, 
had given the editor my name and blog contact information.
The writer told me the article deadline was July 1st,
with photography by a professional photographer in July,
and would appear in the November or December issue.
Christmas Tea in July.
My question:  "Do you mean with guests, a Christmas tree and decorations?"
The answer: "Yes."
Hello!  We had family travel plans for nearly all of June and two weeks in July.
Where ever Glenn travels on business in the summer and during school breaks,
Austin and I go with him.   Plus, we had a family week at the beach, and plans to
host a Japanese middle school student with many group activities the first week of August.
  The writer said they could "send the photographer to my home in August
 to photograph my annual Christmas Tea."
After discussing the project with Austin and Glenn,
they agreed to pull out our Christmas decorations from storage
IF I would agree to leave them up until after Christmas. 
Less work for the guys that way, of course!
After I decided to limit the decorations to the tea room for simplicity,
I agreed to plan and host a "Christmas in August Afternoon Tea" for the magazine.
Thinking.... oh my goodness!  A Christmas menu to plan,
Christmas decorations to put up, Christmas china to wash.
In August, you can't buy Poinsettias, or fresh cranberries,
 or candied fruit for Christmas cookies, and no red berries on the holly. 
Planning a Christmas Tea in August is a bit overwhelming!

So, I contacted my friends,
Lynn, Mary, Patty, Alice, and daughter Melissa to help.   
My friends and family are the BEST! 
They all volunteered to do whatever was needed to provide
an elegant Christmas Tea for Kentucky Living Magazine on Monday, August 19, 2013.

Christmas clothes, Christmas foods and all, on a very hot Monday, August 19th. 
The photographer, Tim, and graphic designer, Penny, from Kentucky Living
were in my home for 4 1/2 hours.

Please read the previous post for details about the
menu and tablescape.
Many more details are to come....
Link to the article in the  November issue of

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