Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Friends and Family At This Special Christmas Tea

Left to right: Mary, Lynn, me (Linda), Melissa, Patty and Alice

Mary and Lynn below.
Mary is my cousin's wife, and my friend of 40+ years.
Mary and her husband, Donnie, were married the same day and Glenn and I, 43 years ago.
He was IN our wedding.We can tell a lot of fun family stories!
Mary is a L.C.S.W. and retired counselor.
She taught me the importance of taking time for "positive distractions"
while I was caregiver for my mother with Alzheimer's and my three elderly aunts.
Lynn and I met and became friends when our children
attended Berea Community Elementary School together years ago.
During the past 35 years, we worked together,
were in the same local organizations, and have traveled together.
Mary and Lynn's mothers also had Alzheimer's.
Patty and I grew up across the street from each other as children here in Berea.
I have a photo posted on this blog of the two of us when I was 18 months old
and she was 20 1/2 months old.  She is the artistic one in the group.
She created our monogramed "place cards" from
 teapot napkin rings and mini Christmas tree balls. 
Patty and her dad shared the Alzheimer's journey. 
Alice, her husband Robert and I attended high school
together in Berea.  Our families are members of the same church.
I taught her children in Sunday School when they were small.
Alice and I have shared tears and laughter many times because of
similar circumstances with health  parents, children and now grandchildren.   
Melissa, on the left below, is our older daughter.
She celebrated her 40th birthday this year!
She is a former Child and Family Studies teacher (Home Ec. teacher).
She mother of our adorable 8-year-old grandson born in Guatemala,
and is the very talented co-owner of Stockpilingmoms.com

I always present my tea guests with a small gift. 
I presented each with a copy of the delightful book
  "A Cup of Christmas Tea" by Tom Hegg
as a remembrance of this very special day.
These dear friends helped me
plan the menu, determine the table decorations,
prepare food, and more! 
We often share "pot-luck" teas in my home. 
They helped me with several fundraiser teas I chaired over the years.
Together, they surprised me with a 60th birthday celebration
We have so much fun when the six of us are together! 
It is not easy to have a Christmas Tea in August.
But, I knew exactly who to call for help and support.
We had so much fun and laughed so much that at one point,
Tim, the photographer, had to ask us to be serious for photos.
He was a great guy, and a very talented photographer.  
Recipes and Afternoon Tea Tips will be  in upcoming posts. 
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