Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Afternoon Tea Prep at Boone Tavern Hotel

I am so proud of the Valentine Tea at Boone Tavern Hotel on Saturday.
You may recall at the first afternoon tea in December.
  I had very little time to take photos, and no time to sit for tea.
The staff and I learned from that first ever afternoon tea at the hotel,
and we were ready for the 72 guests to be welcomed
 into the Bowling Dining Room on Saturday at 3:00 p.m.
The guests were seated and served a cup of
 Elmwood Inn Fine Teas Cherry Rose Green Tea
a "taste" of Boone Tavern's specialty southern spoon bread dish.
Next,  sandwiches and savories, above, were served plated. 
The last two courses of scones and pastries were served on 
three-tiered servers.
Below, the executive chef, Jeff, at work.
His menu was outstanding.
I supervised Chadwick in the tea making.
We had a run-through lesson on Thursday prior to the event.
He brewed Cherry Rose Green Tea for the first round of tea,
then Lover's Leap Ceylon Orange Pekoe next.
The non-caffeine Strawberry Kiwi herbal infusion was
served to guests who requested no caffeine.
Chadwick was a great student.
I told him he could add "tea brewer" to his resume. 
He was also one of the servers.
How many cups of tea would you plan to serve per guest?  
How much hot water would you prepare for
making tea for 72 guests?
After I hear your comments, I'll post the amount Chadwick calculated
to heat for the tea brewing. 
Liz, the pastry chef, prepared the scones and beautiful, delicious pastries. 
Scott is filling the phyllo shells prior to baking the mini quiche. 
Justin is preparing the dishes of mock Devonshire cream and
Blueberry Jam to accompany the Scones. 
Chef Jeff plating the first course. 
Scott, garnishing with edible flowers. 
Rachel and Aaron,  (not shown), servers, folding napkins. 
Staging was in the Skylight Dining Room adjacent to the
kitchen and the 
Bowling Dining Room where the guests were served. 
Below, Aaron, dining room manager, Aaron, server, and Rachel. 
I don't have photos of Gary, the general manager, Stephanie from catering sales,
and Anita, the hostess.   
Sugar, lemons, and milk. 
The teapots were polished. 
Dishes of  mock Devonshire Cream below. 
Below, the four gluten free plates are "tagged"
I was so very happy with the way the chef and pastry chef
adapted the menu for the gluten free guests. 

Melissa and I along with the other two
gluten free guests were very happy
with our delicious tea treat.

Spoonbread is gluten free.
The tea portion is just a "taste."
  I describe  spoonbread  as being similar to a cornbread souffle, 
"served with a spoon and eaten with a fork" with lots of butter!

As you can see, SIL Tim, and Austin
went for the chocolate before the scones.


Marilyn said...

How fun to see the behind the scenes work. Curious? Did they make those chocolate cups? Tea parties are so much work, but so very much enjoyed by the guests that are served. Lovely!

Miss Merry said...

Wow - lots of prep work to make the tea a success! Looks like you had quite the team on your side! I am not sure about the average tea drinker (I am above average LOL). But I would like 2 cups of each flavor, so I would force myself to drink 4-5 cups during the party. I can't wait to see what normal people guess!!

Bernideen said...

This is most impressive Linda! The food looks fabulous and so well organized.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Amazing mass organization Linda. As I truly enjoy my tea and you don't really get that much in a teacup, I'd estimate to allow one pour and five refills for each person. While chatting and eating, the tea disappears in no time.
When we were at Moffat's the server was most happy to keep refilling my teacup and that's about what I had in total - 6 cups of tea.
I'm looking forward to the estimate from your tea.

racheld said...


This is simply the most wonderful planning and execution of a party that I've seen in a long time. You absolutely had it down to the last flower, the shine of the teapots, the flavors and colors and tastes.

What a lovely afternoon it must have been---all the anticipation and the quiet hum as everyone waited and was seated, and then the oohs and ahhs of surprise and delight as each beautiful course was served.

Simply delightful, and I look forward to "taking tea" with you soon or someday---our FL group has tentative plans to come this way the middle weekend of March, so I'll just have to see how their planning works out.

Many admirations and enjoyment of my own, looking at all these simply wonderful young folks, so spiffy and shining, so cheerfully and beautifully preparing such a magnificent occasion, and the scrumptious works of art they all turned out.

Girl, you DO BEAT ALL.


relevanttealeaf said...

Oh how interesting and fun to see the behind the scenes photos of your Valentine's Tea at Boone Tavern Hotel. Everything was absolutely wonderful - wish I could have been there! A tea lover could drink 5-6 cups of tea in a 6 oz. teacup. But not everyone consumes tea like tea lovers do, so on average I'd allow 4 cups per person. That's the number I use for my teas and I always have a little tea left over. My banquet facility always gives the option of coffee and pop [soda], so some of the ladies opt for that instead of tea, while some only drink water. I'm anxious to see how many cups of tea you planned for, and if it was all consumed or if there was any left over. I'm so thrilled with your success in this hotel venture.

Beth said...

4 cups per person seems reasonable to me, although with 3 kinds guests may have wished to try them all, and had more than one serving of each. Beautiful tea, beautiful post - I enjoyed these posts on the afternoon tea at the Boone Tavern Hotel very much! Kudos to you, Linda!

racheld said...

PS I've just posted todays blog post and linked your party. It's too marvelous not to share.


diane b said...

Wow that is some tea party. The food looks delicious.

Steph said...

What a resounding success! Such a large group - I am impressed.

Angela McRae said...

Wow, seeing these photos of all the food and tea preparation is quite impressive! I don't think I've ever prepared tea for more than 20, so to do a tea on that scale is just mind-boggling to me. I can't wait to see how much tea was prepared. I'd guess three cups of water were waiting per guest? That would give more for some (like me), less for the non-tea fanatics.

Joy said...

So much preparation and planning when serving tea to that many guests - and it looks like everyone did a stellar job. I would count on several cups of tea per person and have no idea how much hot water would be needed. A huge quantity, I'm sure.

parTea lady said...

Fun to see all the prep that went into the Valentine Tea. The tea foods looked delicious (lovely presentation)and the tea choices a good compliment.

Ruthie Miller said...

Dear Linda,
Wow!! Kudos to you. How wonderful to have a dream come true like that. Quite an undertaking but worth the effort. Good for you!!!!
xo Ruthie

Rosemary said...

These behind the scenes photos are fabulous. So glad you were able to snap them! Wish I had the staff that Boone Tavern has!!


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