Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hi CAF Teas by The Republic of Tea

 Those who know me well, know that I don't often experiment with flavored teas.
But, I when I received an offer from The Republic of Tea®
to sample their HiCAF Teas™, I decided to give it a taste.
 This is the HiCAF Teas Caramel Black with an extra boost of caffeine.
according to the label, you will get a BUZZ from the intensified caffeine content.
"Green tea extract and pure caffeine isolated from premium tea leaves have been added."
Therefore, a cup of this tea has more caffeine than a cup of coffee.
 Caramel flavor has also been added to the Caramel Black.
The instructions say it is nice with a splash of milk.
I don't drink my tea with milk or sweetener, so I drank this "clear."
However, yesterday I could visualize putting milk and sugar into this tea
and propping my feet up in front of the fireplace. 
 If you are familiar with The Republic of Tea products,
you know their tea comes in round tea bags in a nice tin.
50 round teabags are in this package.

I brewed my tea in an English Bone China Mug for 3 minutes.
The caramel aroma and flavor was very nice. 
Austin commented on the aroma as he walked through the kitchen.
I do not drink coffee, so I'm not accustomed to drinking more than double the
caffeine of my usual black tea in one cup.
However, I believe the caffeine did what it was supposed to do.
I stayed alert and awake throughout the day. 
(and that is saying a lot for someone with an obstructive sleep apnea)
I can see advantages to drinking HiCAF Teas when
and extra boost of caffeine is needed. 


racheld said...

Haven't see that one, though we have a shelf of cans in the tea cabinet---rooibos my favorite from them.

Hope you're well and warm---I thought of you this a.m. when I read about the Corvette museum.

rachel, who sleeps to the soft sound of the whsssssh-shhhh of Chris IPAP machine

The Charm of Home said...

Very nice tea flavor with the caramel. Sounds yummy! Happy
Valentine's Day!

Marilyn said...

Higher caffeine is probably not my cup of tea, but the caramel would tempt me even with a splash of tea.
Sounds tempting.

Angela McRae said...

I have not heard of this tea, so thank you for the review! I am never affected by caffeine one bit that I can tell, so I'll have to try these and see if they work for me. With some (dreary) writing projects, this tea would come in handy! ;)


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