Saturday, March 1, 2014

Downton Abbey Tea Party Planning

 Several magazines have featured articles about
tea party planning for a Downton Abbey themed afternoon tea
including this issue of Woman's World.
 Some Downton Abbey fans invite friends
over to enjoy tea, traditional English cucumber sandwiches
and classic English sweets while
watching the Sunday night PBS shows.
Did you? 
I was slow to catch the Downton Abbey fever.
I ordered DVD's of seasons 1 & 2.
When I began watching, I was hooked! 
My enjoyment of afternoon tea
and Downton Abbey go hand-in-hand.
 What fun to read about how to host a Downton Abbey tea
in various magazines!
I would love to hear about your Downton Abbey afternoon tea plans. 


Denise said...

Oh My ! fantastic idea.I would love to attend one and not just virtual.I love the series,but where I live it's on a little late in the evening to host a party at the same time.Unless it was a PJ party-AH yes-night gowns from that time with gorgeous night jackets- Just kidding You know ; ) hugs Denise

Miss Merry said...

Our "Friends of the Library" is offering a Downton Abbey Tea Party. It was supposed to take place mid-season four, but had to be cancelled when we woke up to several feet of snow! I bought tickets for a table; my daughter-in-law, her mother and her aunt and my oldest daughter will join me. There is to be a period fashion show from an antique clothing dealer and a guest speaker from the nearest PBS Station. I think it has been moved to April, the day before I am giving a baby shower for my daughter-in-law so it will be a very busy weekend!

Elizabeth said...

Sounds wonderful! I am a big fan of Downtown Abbey!

Elizabeth said...
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Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

I've watched DA by myself Sunday nights but I like the idea of a tea themed after the show.

relevanttealeaf said...

I was a late getting to the magazine rack for this publication, so I ordered a back issue. I'm anxiously awaiting its arrival. I want to have a Downton Abbey tea but haven't set any plans in motion yet. I've had the pleasure of attending one Downton Abbey tea at Sweet Shalom Tea Room, and I attended Downton Days at Meadow Brook Hall. Both were lovely.

Angela McRae said...

My plan is just to start watching the show, as I still have yet to view it! (I'd love to get caught up before the next season.)

Steph said...

It's everywhere! Lovely too.

Marilyn said...

Loved Downton Abbey, but missed the last two shows. No tea parties here sad to say. How I would love attending one though.

thomas morrison said...

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