Friday, March 7, 2014

March Tea

 After missing three days of school this week for snow and ice,
it is time to say "Welcome March!"
It is past time for warmer temperatures, sunshine
 and time to celebrate with friends and family!  
My morning cup of tea today is Queen Catherine by Harney and Sons,
a blend of three Chinese black teas.
Yesterday I served this tea to 16 ladies at a luncheon meeting
of the Berea Progress Club, a ladies' civic organization established in 1907.
The ladies attending yesterday enjoyed the loose leaf tea
and learned why their "tea-bag" tea at home made with microwaved hot water
doesn't taste "as good" as my loose leaf properly brewed tea.
I always enjoy that "a-ha!" moment when I
present my program, "TEA From the Plantation to the Cup." 


parTea lady said...

Your teawares are very pretty. I haven't tried Queen Catherine tea yet - Tower of London is one of my favorite Harney & Sons tea.

Rosemary said...

Three days off of school just this week - yikes! Love your March tea composition!

Angela McRae said...

So glad you are out there "evangelizing" on behalf of tea!

Steph said...

Lovely! One of my favorite books, too.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

A lovely March tea table with the shamrocks. It must be enlightening when women hear your talks on how to properly prepare tea.

Marilyn said...

Getting in the mood for St. Patricks Day when I see your photos.

Linda said...

I love your tea accessories, and the tea you had sounds awesome!

Marilyn said...

Isn't it amazing to see that Ah-ha moment? How fun for you.

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