Thursday, April 3, 2014

Traveling Tea Friends Go To Lexington, KY

Lynn found this cute bunny at a
Lexington antique mall after tea/lunch at Greentree Tea Room. 
 Others found vintage teapots, glassware, jewelry, and more.
My great find of the day is the James Sadler spring teapot, below.
I found a few other treasures, too. 

 No trip to Lexington, KY, the "Horse Capital of the World" 
would be complete without a visit to the Kentucky Horse Park, 
a 1,200-acre park and working horse farm that celebrates 
all aspects of the equine world.
We visited the Horse Park for only a short half hour, barely
enough time to see some of the beautiful grounds and visit the gift shop. 
If you visit this area of Kentucky, plan to spend a full day.
There is so much to see and do here! 
The park is open year-round. 
After departing the Kentucky Horse Park, we
drove on country roads to view some beautiful horse farms
in the Kentucky Bluegrass Region.  
Can you tell I worked in tourism in Kentucky? 


Angela McRae said...

As one who had the benefit of enjoying your Kentucky expertise, I can say that YES, I can definitely tell you worked in tourism in Kentucky! I came home raving about it so much, I think my DH wishes I would pipe down a bit! ;)

Joy said...

Oh, what a beautiful teapot you found! And I can't think of a better tour guide than someone who has worked in tourism. I've enjoyed seeing all the blog posts about your trip, now I want to visit all those places, too.

relevanttealeaf said...

How fortunate for us that you did work in tourism! As I've been putting my blog posts together I'm amazed at how much was packed into two days - all because of your travel expertise!

Marilyn said...

Oh I just love the Sadler teapot you found, it is so Spring like and beautiful!

Laura Armstrong said...

Living on the border of Canada in rural upstate NY has given us a lovely winter, and it continues. Still snow on the ski slopes here in the Adirondack park. Your teapot reminded me of the beauty that awaits the retreating snowdrifts. Ahhhhh.... Spring Is just around the corner. <3


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