Friday, April 4, 2014

Traveling Tea Friends Take Time for Tea and Friendship

 The 2nd Floor Parlor at Historic Boone Tavern Hotel 
was the perfect place for our Traveling Tea Friends 
evening and daytime group gatherings.  
Several of the friends brought different teas for
drinking and tastings. 
One of my gifts to the Tea Friends was a blue and white bone china tea mug.

"Have Mug, Will Travel" is my new slogan!  
I also brought tea brewing equipment, a carafe, and various supplies
which we put to good use. 

 I ordered the Discovery Collection (four teas + brewing guide)
from Red Blossom Tea Company in San Francisco to brew and share
Tung Ting (Cold Summit) Formosa (Oolong Tea)
Keemun (Black Tea)
White Dragon Pearl Premium (White Tea)
Pre-Rain Dragonwell (Green Tea)
In addition,
Organic Silver Needle 2013 (White Tea) 

 Among the other teas we tasted in our "Tea Parlor"
purchased by Angela at the Kentucky Artisan Center
was RTD (ready-to-drink) bottled tea, 
Organic Rooibee Red Tea ™ Watermelon Mint 
bottled by the Rooibee Red Tea Company in Louisville, KY.
about her willingness to taste a wide variety of flavored teas.
She is one brave and daring tea taster! 



Marilyn said...

Yes, I agree! Angela does try more teas than I do for sure and is quite adventurous. What a nice array of teas to savor from Red Blossom.

Angela McRae said...

I'm happy to be thought of as "adventurous" and not merely "odd." Thanks!


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