Monday, June 16, 2014

Afternoon Tea at The Peabody, Memphis

We arrived in Memphis Saturday afternoon just in time for
afternoon tea reservations at The Peabody Hotel
Afternoon tea is served Wednesday - Saturday in the
Chez Philippe, The Peabody's French dining room.
We enjoyed the three-course Chez Philippe Tea including a choice
of tea from selection of teas and herbal blends.
Austin chose the Jasmine Jazz, a green tea, Glenn chose the
Decaf British Breakfast, and I chose the Raspberry Quince Black Blend,
because it is one of their most popular teas.
I'm sure it is no surprise to my tea friends that after I drank the small pot of
fruit flavored tea, I changed to British Breakfast Tea. 

The first course was served on a small three-tiered server.
Each guest was served five savory tea sandwiches:
Curried Chicken Salad
Melon and Prosciutto
Crab Salad
Cucumber and Tomato
Smoked Salmon

The open-faced sandwiches were delicious and nicely garnished.

The pretty floral table service was Villeroy and Boch.
Each guest had their own 2-cup teapot which was not served
decanted and refilled with hot water.

The second course was a large Blueberry Scone served with Cream and Jam. 
The dessert course included five delightful assorted pastries and sweets.  

According to the hotel's website,
"The Peabody Afternoon Tea is the only place in Memphis to
experience the elegance of Afternoon Tea in the English manner."

The Peabody Memphis Afternoon Tea
ranks high on our list of favorite grand hotel afternoon teas.
I will share my gluten free version of this tea service in
the next blog post.  


Joy said...

That looks delightful! So glad you could get a gluten free version, too.

racheld said...

At LAST! Somewhere I've been---though I remember a later-in-the-day occasion, somehow, for we were usually finishing our second pot when folks were drifting in for cocktails.

It's so lovely to see you going so close to "Home" for me---I hope you'll include a trip to Leonard's for Barbecue while you're there---it doesn't get the press that other places do, but I remember it as the PERFECT place.

Glad you're having such a good almost-Summer!


racheld said...
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La Tea Dah said...

It does look like a "grand" afternoon tea. The presentation was lovely.

I wonder why some hotels serve the tea decanted and others do not. Are both methods technically considered proper?

Ruth Weston said...

Wonderful. I think it's so nice the whole family enjoys taking te! But how could you not! What a lovely menu. Perfect!

Rosemary said...

Such an elegant experience! Loved it!

Angela McRae said...

Oh, I need to put this on my list of places to visit, clearly! (And yes, I smiled when I read of your switching teas -- but I admire your willingness to at least TRY the new one!)


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