Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Gardening and Tea

 Today's tea is a nice cup of Elmwood Inn's Sencha Green Tea, 
brewed from a convenient pyramid sachet...  
while thinking about the Berea Art Council's Garden Tour on Saturday. 
It is the one day of the year we have 100+ cars on our cul-de-sac.
We live at the end where everyone goes around the circle to 
drive back out the street.  
The reason for all the Garden Tour traffic is our Master Gardener neighbor up the 
street who spends everyday of the year planning
 and working in her back yard garden.
She has waterfalls, Koi ponds, decorative gates and more made from twigs,
and stone pathways through thousands of plants including hundreds of rose bushes. 
Her garden is amazing! 
The pressure in on to tidy-up our lawn
and flower beds for all those car loads of "garden-lookers".   
I will try to convince my gardening guys to pull a few weeds before Saturday.
Wish me luck on that because it's the last week of a busy school year.  


Beth said...

I'd love to see her garden, Linda! It sounds absolutely amazing. We have a Master Gardener tour every year but it features different gardens each year. It's always fun to visit and see what the various gardeners have done.

relevanttealeaf said...

Your teapot planters are adorable! I wish I had a green thumb and love for gardening, but I'd much rather spend time in my kitchen cooking and baking. The one spring that I forced myself to plant bookoo annuals, my back ached and I concluded it wasn't my idea of fun. My gardening friends all find it so relaxing though.

racheld said...

You can tell our yard from everyone else's on the street---it's the one with the lushest, greenest, overgrownest, taking- over-like-kudzu grapevines and honeysuckle trees and arbors and shrubs. I love GREEN, and it's so cool and peaceful and quiet.
But we COULD sculpt whole dinosaurs out there (maybe even continents).

So, if you, or ANYBODY lived on my street, you'd look like Versaille by comparison.

Enjoy your gardens this weekend!


racheld said...

Versailles. Like in Kentucky, only pronounced different.

Mme. Sauvonet would be frowning right now.

Ruth Weston said...

Love your mug & teapot planters! Looks like it will be great tour...hopr you post photos!

Angela McRae said...

Love your cheerful planters! And wow, can't believe school is still underway there. It's been over for two to three weeks at most places here! (Good luck with that weeding!)

Marilyn said...

Happy garden tour! Love your polka do pots. Wish I could find such cute ones. Really are you allergic to the taste of roses or also the scent? Saw your comment at Angela's place. That would be sad not to enjoy roses in the garden or in a vase in the house.

Joy said...

Cute teapot planters! Good luck with the yardwork.


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