Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bourbon Black Tea and More

While Glenn and I were out and about yesterday,
we stopped at Elmwood Inn Fine Teas in Danville,
located about 45 minutes west of our home. 
I purchased the new Bourbon Black Tea,
a new tea blend designed by master tea blender Bruce Richardson,
a long-time favorite,  Kentucky Blend Black Tea, and a Scone Mix. 
The Bourbon Tea is a blend of black tea
with the aroma of fine Kentucky Bourbon. 
Bruce says,
 "This is not your grandmother's cup of tea. 
Unless your granny was from Kentucky!"
Did you know 95% of the world's bourbon is made in Kentucky? 


Angela McRae said...

Wow! I knew Kentucky was known for its bourbon, but I didn't realize it had cornered the world market!

Marilyn said...

I would be curious to taste the bourbon tea. So perfect that he is doing this tea from Kentucky.

Joy said...

Sounds delicious. Although the only time I've ever had bourbon in tea was for a bad sore throat!


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