Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Kauai Visit and Luau

 We docked at Kauai in the early morning of Thursday, June 26th,
and departed for bus tour of the island and into Waimea Canyon. 

The Waimea Canyon is known as the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific."
It is 10 miles long and one mile wide. 
The reds and browns in the canyon are from exposed volcanic rock.
They are mingled with the blues and greens of the lush tropical vegetation.   

Kauai is a  very scenic island.
The ship docked for a 2-day visit. 
Our evening in Kauai included the traditional Luau Kalamaku


Marilyn said...

Love Kauai. We also attended a luau there on our anniversary. Now wondering if it was the same, but don't think so.

Angela McRae said...

Look at Austin sitting there like a rock star! (Not that he isn't, ha!) Your photos are just spectacular. Each one could be one of those scenic 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzles!


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