Thursday, July 10, 2014

Maui - Day 2

 The Pride of America (POA) stayed overnight in Maui.
Day 2, Monday, in Maui included a fun boat excursion to the Atlantis Submarine. 
 On the boat ride out to the submarine and on the return,
dolphins and spinner dolphins put on 
a delightful and unexpected "show" in the water.  
The spinner dolphins were so quick to jump and spin, we didn't get good photos. 
The submarine ride was nice and beyond our expectations. 

 We returned to Lahaina for shopping and lunch. 

 We enjoyed lunch at Cheese Burger In Paradise, 
the same restaurant we ate at with our girls on 
our Maui visit 20 years ago. 

Austin and I had the best Iced Tea on the trip 
at this fun restaurant on the waterfront.

 I purchased Mango Maui Tea by the Hawaiian Islands Tea Company®
is described as hand-picked Camellia Sinensis with
delightful tropical Mango Flavor, and can be served hot
or as iced tea.  The directions indicate "sweetener will enhance the flavor."


relevanttealeaf said...

How fun to travel along with you vicariously, as I doubt I'll ever get to Hawaii.

Rosemary said...

What a fantastic vacation! Have been enjoying all the photos!

Marilyn said...

Love seeing your trip to Hawaii as it is such a different experience than we had. Jim and I have a picture of ourselves in front of that tree, taken 25 years ago. The cruise does sound like a nice adventure.

Angela McRae said...

Mmmm -- the mango tea sounds great, and perfect for your time in Hawaii!


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