Friday, August 1, 2014

Harney Peaches and Ginger Tea

 Maureen of Tea and Talk Blog brought several gifts 
to me when she visited in March, including 
Harney and Sons Peaches and Ginger Flavored Black Tea. 
This is a black tea blended with dried peaches and ginger, 
and can be served as hot tea or iced tea.
With the current summer temperatures, my next
brew will be iced tea. 


Rosemary said...

We serve this one in the tea room and it is always well received. It's a winner!

Steph said...

Yes, always a winner!

Marilyn said...

Of all the flavored black teas one with peaches is my favorite. I think I would like this as I like ginger too.

Angela McRae said...

Yum! Peaches and Ginger is such a great combination!

parTea lady said...

Hope you are enjoying it. One of my favorite flavored Harney blends is Tower of London, but after reading the comments, I think I'll order some Peaches and Ginger next.

That is a lovely teapot and I really like that pretty mug.


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