Friday, October 10, 2014

Celebrating Friendship with Afternoon Tea in California

We enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea at the home of Martha,
a long-time tea friend.
She obviously put a tremendous amount of thought and planning
 into the tea and our special visit with her.
From Martha's hospitality, to the tea selections and menu
(including gluten free for me)
everything was perfect!
Thank you, Martha! 

Martha's afternoon tea was the highlight of our trip to California.  


Rosemary said...

What an amazingly fantastic gourmet Afternoon Tea! Delightful! I have studied the menus and the pictures... and what a fabulous 'one-of-a-kind' treat you experienced. Kudos to Martha!

Elizabeth said...

A wonderful post and wonderful tea party !

racheld said...


What a perfectly wonderful Tea Party! I cannot imagine such a lovely repast---every single item and flower and moment seem a work of art. The little sandwiches could have been served in a jewel-box.

I've always loved Martha---I KNOW had I been there, I'd have snuck away between scones and savories for a moment, and just stood, soaking in the grandeur of her perfume bottles---I covet those every time she shows them.

So glad you had such a splendid visit.


Beth said...

What an amazing and delightful afternoon tea! Martha did a great job and I'm sure you all enjoyed it tremendously.

Donna and Miss Spenser said...

Gorgeous afternoon tea! Thank you for sharing!

relevanttealeaf said...

Oh! My Goodness! What a FABULOUS, personalized tea party - but I wouldn't expect anything less from Martha. She's one of a kind! I can see why it was the highlight of your time spent in California. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Bernideen said...

Oh my - her food items look wonderful and I sure see a lot of labor here in these unique food items!

Marilyn said...

I am always impressed by Martha's attention to detail when putting a tea party together. It is just gorgeous to look at and I know was delicious, even including the finger limes. What a treat. A memory to treasure and a highlight for sure!

Steph said...

Oh, yes! Pure bliss to be at a tea with the thoughtful details and deliciousness from Martha!

Joy said...

How beautiful it all looks, and I'm sure it tasted even better! What a thoughtful and wonderful party.

Angela McRae said...

My goodness, what an elaborate tea! Everything looks so beautiful, and the fact she took the time to do this just for you is so very lovely!


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