Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall Break Travel Continues

As the followers of my blog know, 
Glenn was determined Austin would complete
his visits to all 50 states in the summer of  2014.  
After that, he visited Japan with a student group.  
Friends have jokingly (?) asked if visiting all continents is
next on the travel agenda.  Time will tell...
Since we were on the west coast during our one week fall 
break, Glenn decided we "must" take Austin to the Grand Canyon.
Think about this a minute -- 
we flew from L.A. to Vegas and drove a rental car to the
Grand Canyon National Park (south rim).
We stayed one night, returned to Vegas, spent the night
and flew back to KY.  All this was determined by several factors, 
including non-stop flights...
The moral of the story is --  if my husband plans the travel itinerary, 
there will be no sleeping in! 

 This is one of the native plants in the park. 
I am so glad we didn't have a need to sip this tea.
The dinner we enjoyed at the El Tovar Lodge was delicious. 

Austin has traveled to many beautiful places in the world, 
but he was very impressed by the Grand Canyon. 


Angela McRae said...

Good for Glenn for being such an ambitious traveler, and good for you all for getting to see the Grand Canyon. I have never heard of Fernbush, so thanks for adding to my horticultural knowledge surrounding tea!

Beth said...

Austin is blessed with these travel opportunities! How wonderful to be able to see all 50 states and travel abroad. Your Grand Canyon photos are beautiful! I enjoyed seeing it through your camera lens. :)


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