Friday, October 17, 2014

Rockin' in Vegas

Rod Stewart The Hits
at Caesars Palace Coliseum 
Wow!  What a show!
We loved it.  
It was so much fun for us to "rock" with our 15-year-old
 Austin who is taking a Rock History class
this semester and Jazz Band next semester. 

Yes, we had great seats!  

After the show we stopped for a late dinner at 
Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill at Caesars Palace, 
his only Las Vegas restaurant. 

California, Nevada and Arizona
Making memories during fall break 2014


Bernideen said...

Even "I" have a Rod Steward CD or 2! The Bobby Flay food also looked incredible Linda!

Marilyn said...

Rod Stewart puts on a great show. We once sat in his performance when he was in Portland and loved it. The food looks delicious too. You made the most out of the school break.

Ruthie Miller said...

Austin is one lucky kid to go on all of the travels that you do! Love Rod. Still kickin' after all these years.
Best, Ruthie

Steph said...

I bet you all had a great time!

Angela McRae said...

Got to love Rod Stewart -- he was big in "my day" and he still is!


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