Thursday, December 4, 2014

Family Christmas Tradition - Afternoon Tea

Christmas Afternoon Tea is a long time family tradition.
Elmwood Inn in Perryville, Kentucky was our favorite
Christmas Tea destination until Bruce and Shelley Richardson
closed the tea room in July 2004. 
Our family informed him he had ruined our Christmas tea tradition!
After trying another location, Glenn told me I could prepare and
serve a better Christmas tea at home. 
I found photos from Christmas 2002 when Austin was 3 years old,
and 2003 when he was 4 years old at Elmwood Inn,
but they were pre-digital camera I've not yet scanned. 
Here are a FEW of our Christmas photos taken at various locations after 2004.

Above and below: 
Our first Christmas family tea in the "tea room"
added in our house renovation of 2009.
Photo below in our home "tea room"
by Tim Webb Photography

The editor called when she heard of our family Christmas tea tradition.


Beth said...

I had fun viewing these photos from past Christmas teas, Linda. You have a lovely family and you serve a lovely tea. Wondering if you've had the chance to sample tea from David's Tea. They have some amazing flavors! My favorites are Pumpkin Chai, Pure Chai, and Santa's Secret. Merry Christmas to you and your family! :)

Angela McRae said...

What a wonderful Christmas tradition! And I cannot believe your tea room addition dates back to 2009. I remember "being there" (in cyberspace, anyway) for it, as you waited on it to come to life, and I can hardly believe it's been five years now. We've been friends that long? Yes, I guess so!

Ruth W said...

How wonderful! That's the perfect Christmas tradition....train them up young and continue! Well done!

Two Cottages And Tea said...

I enjoyed your post so very much! How wonderful your family enjoys tea time! Merry Christmas!

Michelle Holderman said...

Enjoyed this post. My mother and I frequented Elmwood Inn through the years as well. We always enjoyed our Christmas teas there too and miss it very much. Bruce and Shelley have always been splendid hosts. Wonderful photos. And a wonderful tradition to have with your family and friends. Christmas blessings! ~ Michelle


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