Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Traditional Tea Bag Holders

 Do you use Tea Bag Holders, also sometimes known as Tea Bag Caddies?
Only a few of my "collection" are shown here. 
I often receive them as gifts, as several above are. 
Or, I purchase them as souvenir items,  as the Whittard of Chelsea
 and The English Rose Tearoom ones in the photo.
From the internet,
"Traditionally, a tea bag holder is a dishware accessory.
A traditional tea bag holder's purpose is to provide tea drinkers with a place,
 other than the saucer, to put the used tea bag."
It goes on to say,
 "when individuals steep their tea cup by cup, liquid runoff from the saturated
tea bag pools in the saucer and can be messy.   
Use of a tea bag holder allows the tea drinker to place
 the saturated tea bag in a separate receptacle."
Tea bag holders are often shaped like teapots, but can be of other themes,
including domestic pets, such as cats and dogs.  
Since I don't use mine to hold wet tea bags,
I have found a few different uses for them.
To hold my rings by the kitchen sink when I wash dishes,
to hold earrings or pocket change in the bedroom,
and to hold small items on my desk.
Do you have a collection of tea bag holders?
According to my friend and tea blogger, Marilyn, if you have
more than three of an item, you have a collection.
Do you have unique shaped tea bag holders? 
I admit, my favorites are the traditional teapot shaped ones.
Do you have a unique way to use or display tea bag holders? 
Please share your ideas!  

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