Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Aunt Mary's Crocheted Doily

This post is result of a January 24th post by Rachel at Lawn Tea. 
Rachel is a talented blog writer with southern roots, who often writes
about family memories which are similar to my own childhood memories
of growing up an Appalachian family,
but that is a story for another day.    
I hope you will go to Rachel's blog and back a couple of posts to the "Craftless" post
about her memories of crocheting family members.  
 My mother and aunts, especially my Aunt Mary, crocheted especially
 during winter weather similar to what we have
experienced here in Kentucky recently.
Today, I am featuring a crocheted doily made by Aunt Mary.
I use it as a small table topper (below) in a spare bedroom. 
Aunt Mary used the table and doily in her home the same way.
The table top is 24 x 11 inches, to give you an idea of the size of the doily.
Aunt Mary was a teacher in one and two-room schools in rural Kentucky,
before moving to Florida where she taught in a small elementary school
until retirement when they moved back to Berea.
  I visited Aunt Mary and Uncle Aden in Florida every summer for years.
 I am so thankful for those times we shared.
After my uncle's passing, Aunt Mary developed many health issues and became blind,
and sadly, crocheting was one of the activities she missed most.
I was honored to be her caregiver,
and I am honored to have a few of her "treasures" including this doily.


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