Thursday, May 8, 2014

Afternoon Tea Served Banquet-Style

 Daughter #1, Melissa, recently attended a conference at 
The Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead (Atlanta) with 550 attendees. 
Afternoon Tea was served banquet-style for lunch on Saturday. 
Can you imagine serving 550 guests afternoon tea in an elegant setting? 
I can not! 
I get into a tizzy serving afternoon tea for six in my home!  
 Melissa took these photos on her cell phone and texted them to me,
with descriptions and the menu. 
(Amazing modern technology!)
 Quoting from the hotel's website:
"Afternoon Tea is a gracious way to spend an afternoon with new friends, 
old friends and best friends.  Tea is served in the English tradition, with loose tea 
steeped in individual teapots, and poured through sterling silver strainers into bone china
teacups.  The selections include black, red, green and white teas as well
as herbal infusions."
The photo on their webpage shows a traditional service using a three-tiered server. 
Obviously, a few adjustments have been made for the "banquet-style" service.
According to Melissa, "It was an amazing experience."  

The Signature Strawberry Service is served on Saturdays and Sundays,
Grand Mariner marinated strawberries served with a selection
of sugars and whipped cream. 
The teas served at this event were
 Green Tea, Earl Grey and Chamomile.
Gluten Free photos in my next post. 

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