Monday, June 2, 2014

Children's Tea Sets and Memories

Children's Tea Sets have been a topic of discussion on
the Afternoon Tea Across America Facebook page recently.  

I purchased the Phaltzgraff "My First Tea Rose ® Tea Set" in 2001,
the year granddaughter Kaitlyn was born.  

The English Bone China set below was a gift from a
sweet lady who loved to bargain shop at flea markets
and yard sales.  She and her husband have recently moved out-of-state
to be near their daughter.  
Glenn returned from a business trip years ago 
with this pretty blue and white set.  If I remember correctly, 
he purchased it in a hotel gift shop. 
Kaitlyn, Austin and I used this pretty violet set several times.
I purchased a duplicate so we would have enough pieces. 
It is at the farm house with several miniature tea sets.  

The photo below is in a framed grouping of photos 
hanging in my "tea room."  This was taken when Kaitlyn
was in preschool.  The bear was sent home on different days
with different children and the next day the child shared their
experiences with the class. We had a tea party with the bear
(and the violet tea set).  
In addition, I've purchased several plastic and metal children's tea sets
over the years for the grandchildren.
The tea set I had when I was a child was a blue willow pattern. 
My Aunt Mary told me I played "tea party" with
two imaginary friends with that tea set at her house when I visited her.
I remember those "friends" names, but will keep that a mystery for now.
Tea Parties and Memories go hand-in-hand! 


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