Monday, June 9, 2014

Vintage Liberty Blue Tablescape

My tea table for two is set with Liberty Blue Staffordshire,
blue and white dinnerware.  
My inspiration for this tablescape is planning a patriotic
afternoon tea or a luncheon for the ladies in our DAR chapter.  
The dinnerware is Staffordshire Liberty Blue Historic Colonial Scenes,
made in England.  
According to my research, this dinnerware originated as a regional promotion in 1975
by the Benjamin Franklin Savings and Loan in the Pacific Northwest. 
A Betsy Ross scene is on the berry bowls.
The bread and butter plates have a scene of Monticello.
The dinner plates depict Independence Hall.
A scene of Paul Revere's ride is on the teacups. 
The sugar bowl is Betsy Ross and the creamer is Paul Revere.
The scene on the teapot is "Minutemen". 
I look forward my DAR friends reactions when I set
my dining room table with this dinnerware! 

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