Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Giada Vegas

Part of my "trade-off" for driving 4.5 hours to and 4.5 hours from 
Grand Canyon from Las Vegas in two days
was to make it back in time for a late lunch 
at the new Giada.
Yes!   Giada DeLaurentiis' restaurant 
located in the new resort, The Cromwell. 
Oh my goodness!  
The food was delicious, and
the selection of gluten free items were marked on the menu. 

See "The Birdie" non alcoholic drink ingredients
above.  Austin and I couldn't resist ordering
this delicious drink.
My salad, below, was amazing. 
I forgot to take photos of the appetizers and desserts.
But, trust me, they were delicious!

Advance reservations are necessary at this popular
new restaurant.
Come back to see our evening entertainment.
The other half of my requirement for being
cooped up in a rental car for the better part of two days. :-) 


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