Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mi Lan Xiang - Honey Orchid Oolong

Mi Lan Xiang (Honey Orchid)
Phoenix Oolong Tea 
from Red Blossom Tea Company 
is a very smooth and flavorful (not flavored) tea. 
The above is a sample package, 
enough to make a 12 oz. Afternoon Tea
 in my pretty English Bone China mug. 

Red Blossom Tea is a family-owned
tea business in San Francisco's Chinatown.  
They are importers of excellent quality teas. 
We visited their shop several years ago, 
and I have regularly ordered teas from them since. 
Read about this tea at the following link. 


Angela McRae said...

I think the name of this tea alone would make me want to try it! Love your mug, too!


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