Friday, January 23, 2015

Royal Albert Lavender Rose Trio

A few weeks ago I posted about finding a pretty
Royal Albert Lavender Rose Teacup Trio with a small plate.
My preference, however, is to use an 8-inch "salad" plate
when serving tea on my trios.
I was pleased to recently find a Lavender Rose trio with an 8-inch
plate at a bargain price. So, now I have two sets,
one with the "traditionally English" small plate and one with the 8-inch plate.

This is a pretty Royal Albert pattern.
I look forward to using this trio on a table soon.


Sylvia said...

How great to find this,Linda. I love Roses and your trio's are so pretty. Enjoying your tea will be a blessing!

Patsy said...

Lovely, in any Royal Albert rose.
I have been drinking Bigelow tea and some of it is very good.

Joy said...

Beautiful! You're very fortunate to find this at a bargain price. It will be lovely on a tea table.

Love Of Quilts said...

So pretty!

Karen said...

Roses are my favorite flower and this set is just lovely. Enjoy!

Two Cottages And Tea said...

Such a lovely trio and with two different sizes of the plate. It is so nice to have a dessert/salad plate to match the teacup. I am looking for more trio's too!

Share my Garden said...

Hello Linda. I first clicked on your 'gluten free afternoon tea' site and found....nothing! It made me laugh and think, ah, well the two don't mix! So I am pleased to find that your recipes are here and I shall look at them with interest.
Like you, I have adapted my diet in recent years for health reasons with good results. I found it very easy to alter bad habits while I was ill and in pain but my self-discipline has weakened considerably now that my health has improved. Hopefully your recipes will inspire me.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

I'll bring the teapot and we'll have tea together, especially since you have two trios!
It is a pretty pattern, isn't it? I've been tempted to buy other pieces but I like mixing and matching the china I have. I've actually purchased enough at the Royal Doulton store to have earned a gift certificate.
I don't always get around to visit, especially on weekends and I like it when I get a special invitation to read a post of interest. Thanks Linda.

Marilyn said...

very pretty!

Angela McRae said...

I just love it every time I see you've found a new trio!


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