Monday, February 16, 2015

February Wreath and Snow Updates

This is a "vintage" heart-shaped wreath from my friend Lynn.
I added a red bow for February and hung it on my front door.
Lynn and I have been friends since the 1970's since we were both young mothers.
We enjoyed a nice visit over lunch at Boone Tavern Hotel on Friday.
If you've seen the news, you know we are waiting
for a predicted massive snowfall here in Kentucky.
School was cancelled at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday for Monday.
My family is hoping for a week of cancelled school.
Time will tell if the predictions are correct...
10:00 A.M. update below
4:30 P.M. update below
12 inches of snow

7:30 P.M. update:  14 1/2 inches
the largest snowfall since 1998


Patsy said...

We Got some ice and they say the snow is coming, our town is shut down.
That is the sweetest wreath!

racheld said...

My Goodness, Girl! Your view is much like ours of the past few weeks! We spent quite a bit of time yesterday at our Valentine's brunch discussing "will it swing North or stay South," and it looks as if YOU got yours, and some of ours too.

We never know what to expect from one Winter to the other, and just take it as it comes. I love the look of it, and the falling, and the hush of the white, but we're already into makeup-days---our school children lost MLK day and today as holidays, because of running over snow days.

Stay warm and well, and have a good cup of snow-day tea for me!


Joy said...

Stay safe and warm in that winter weather! a few days ago we thought we'd have snow, too, but so far it has just been cold rain and icy mist. not nearly as pretty!

racheld said...

Caro and I are WOW-ing your update! Hope you and yours can stay in, but get out if you'd like to. If that makes sense.

Be careful, whatever you decide.


Nora @ Teacup Tales said...

I hope you are keeping warm with a cup of tea now. I showed my kids your snow photos and they are envious. No snow days in California.

Angela McRae said...

Guess YOU got all the snow they were predicting for us here in Georgia yesterday. I have yet to see Snowflake Number One this year! (But I'm happy for Austin, ha!)

Marilyn said...

The snow is so pretty from where is sit. I wouldn't mind just a little snow for a day or two, but then let the spring continue blooming.


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