Monday, February 23, 2015

Snowbound 2015

Last week while Austin and I were home bound due to the 16+
inches of snow, minus 32 degrees, more snow, and ice. 
Austin and I drank many cups of TEA and 
I worked on our Family Tree using
(Caution!  It's addictive.  
I made progress, and found lots of exciting family information.
The photo above is of two cousins and me in 1955.  
Mary, do you recognize anyone?

Photo Below:
My paternal grandmother,Ollie, on the left, and her sisters, Mary and Lydia. 
Unfortunately, it is not marked with a date. 

Below: Ollie and Mary in 1940 

While I was immersed in family history, 
Austin played marathon computer games with his friends all over town.
It's interesting and entertaining to listen to him talk in computer game lingo 
to his buddies Adam, Thomas, Roy Alex, Dylan, and Ethan.

There were no cases of boredom in our home last week!  
We were warm, had plenty of TEA to drink, and our computers and electronic gadgets. 
So thankful the power stayed on here! 

Prayers for those who lost loved ones in the extreme cold temperatures, 
had damage to homes and businesses due to frozen water pipes
and heavy snow. 


relevanttealeaf said...

Sounds like a fun way to stay busy and entertained during a snow storm. Ancestry is something I haven't delved into, and now that both of my parents are deceased the task would be more complicated without their input.

Beth said...

Linda, I'd call that taking lemons and making lemonade (well, or maybe tea with lemon)! I can enjoy snow some extent. However, at some point I can't hardly take it anymore and I'm anxious for spring. (I'm at that point now!) :)

Elizabeth said...

My husband found 9 brothers and sisters through ancestry, that he did not know he had! My brother and I are researching our family, you are right it is addicting! Stay warm!

Angela McRae said...

Glad you all were safe and sound, and I love seeing the old family photos! Fun!

Steph said...

Glad you made the best of it!

Marilyn said...

Glad you had power to play and plenty of tea. I have been curious about, but haven't been willing to pay the fee to sign up.

Joy said...

Wonderful family photos! I'm glad you did not lose power.

Rosemary said...

So glad you were safe and sound during this recent snow storm! My dad would have enjoyed researching on Ancestry... will have to take a peek... wonder if some of his research is there? Loved your old family photos!

Laura's daughter said...

LOVE THE PICTURES... snow days are often provocative of memories... those of us who have wished for snow and wished for it to be gone.Precious Memories of days long gone and new memories accumulated because the snow created the opportunity for staying in and "making memories". Snow reminds me of a special Christmas in my childhood a half a century ago! The relatives and the snow of that memory are all departed, but the memory of that special Christmas Eve in the mountains is priceless. As a small child in my grandparents home, we heard noises outside, and my uncle went out to check and returned to tell us he had actually encountered SANTA on his sleigh, due to the snow he arrived early and if everyone in the house was quiet and cooperative he would leave gifts for us early! The household was COOPERATIVE and my uncle went back outside and soon returned to a quiet ecstatic household of children and adults. The memory remains as my FAVORITE CHRISTMAS. NOTHING COMPARES TO the Christmas in the Mountains with snow and Santa and all my loving family members and memories. Thanks for sharing your snow experiences and provoking one of my fondest memories. Bear loved the picture too.


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