Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Snow Again?

Here we go again!  
Kentucky has made the national winter weather news again!
Just give me another cup of tea, please! 

Snow, ice, flooding and record-breaking cold temperatures. 
It certainly has been an unusual winter 
in my southern Kentucky home.
We have consumed many, many cups of tea.
"A Cup of Tea makes everything better."

(Graphic found online.)


Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

I'm feeling your pain one state above you (Ohio) Linda. It's been a long winter to be sure. Never have I yearned for spring as I am finding is the case this year. Enough of this!

Well, it's out of our control, but thank the good Lord we have our tea, yes? Hugs.

Kamyria said...

I'm in Southern Ontario and we are going into another deep freeze for a day or two... Yes, more hot tea please. :)

Gin said...

I heard the snow plow about 3:30am. I'm playing the ostrich and haven't looked outside yet.

Joy said...

Good luck with this latest winter weather. Spring will get here someday!

Patsy said...

I hope it is the last winter storm of snow and ice. We got 8 inches with 2 inches of ice under it.

Beth said...

Hi Linda, I saw images from I-65 in Kentucky today and it wasn't what one would expect in the south. Our climate seems to be changing, with the cold and snow in areas where it's not the norm, and areas where it is the norm, perhaps being worse than usual. Tea time helps make a cold day more bearable, though, doesn't it?

Angela McRae said...

And I still haven't had a single, solitary snowflake at my house this winter. So unfair.

(Loved your "South of France" comment today. Clever!)

Marilyn said...

I would be drinking much tea along with you if I had the weather you are having. Stay warm and soon the spring will come.


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