Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring Break 2015 - Easter Week

 All businesses were decorated for Easter during
our visit to Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. 

It was certainly a festive time to visit. 


Patsy said...

Happy Spring where ever you go.

racheld said...

What a wonderful chronicle of your trip this is! I look forward to each post, and look my eyes full.

The little bunnies behind the Osterfladli, the ones like bread with one lop ear up and one down---how precious, especially to me. We had one little lop girl, and her husband was of the German breed, with tall handsome ears. Each bunny in their one litter had one ear up and one down, and I still smile when I think of those sweet babies.

I looked to see what might be the ingredients in Osterfladli---they look a lot like a good old chess pie, with a stencil of powdered sugar. And in those photos, proudly labeled Easter Pie, were a number of stencils of (ahem)---a bow-tied bunny profile which would not be appropriate for children, because of the his reputed character and the company he keeps. My laugh for the afternoon. I can just see stacks of those, prominent in a lot of bakery cases, and the innocent, unknowing cooks who garnished their work with the Playboy Bunny.


Marilyn said...

Traveling in Europe during a holiday season is so much fun. So happy you could enjoy Easter decorations there.

Joy said...

Beautiful! I want one of those marzipan eggs. Love the bunnies, too.


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