Thursday, April 23, 2015

Spring Break 2015 - Heidelberg

Have you been able to keep up with our Spring Break itinerary. 
Don't worry, many of the group couldn't keep up with it.  
We flew to Vienna Austria, toured for 2 days then traveled by bus
to Germany, back to Austria, then through Liechtenstein,
to Switzerland, and back to Germany where we departed from Frankfurt. 
We departed our hotel in Lucerne on Saturday, April 4th
and drove north toward Germany.  The first stop was at 
Rhine Falls (Rheinfall) Switzerland the largest "plain" waterfall in Europe.  

The next stop was in the heart of the Black Forest of  Germany
 for cuckoo clock demonstrations, lunch, and shopping at Hofgut Sternen.
 And, in my opinion, the best food on the entire trip! 
 Ian above, Abi and Haley below
Our group "splurged" for lunch to celebrate the birthday of 
Percy, below sitting on the right. 

Heidelberg Castle below. 

 Beautiful views of Heidelberg and the river from the castle. 

The last dinner in Heidelberg with new friends. 

Below: Sunday, April 5th departure from the hotel.
Everyone was ready to head home.


relevanttealeaf said...

What a fabulous trip! Austin's been to all 50 US states, now he's working on world countries, and probably has quite a few under his belt. How wonderful! You need to see the movie that's out right now - Woman in Gold. It's a true story and begins in Vienna Austria. Jerry and I saw it yesterday. It was SO good.

Gin said...

I had never heard the term "plain waterfall" before, but when I did a Google search, I wasn't able to find out exactly what it is. Do you know? Absolutely loved your blog entries about spring break.


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