Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Time To Remember

Memorial Day was known as "decoration day" in my family
during my childhood here in Appalachia. 
I learned early from my mother and my aunts to decorate
the family graves for Memorial Day. I continue the family tradition. 
We decorated six graves "in town" and five in the country cemetery.


Linda E said...

I was taught the same thing about Memorial Day and always went to decorate the graves.

Patsy said...

I miss doing that, we have moved away from our family graves.

racheld said...

We were just speaking of "Decoration Day" as we left for lunch---I thought it a splendid activity, for it seemed to happen only in the coveted New England of my childhood books. Children played and chased squirrels and explored the nearby thickets and woods whilst the elders mowed and raked and set little Mason jars of whatever was blooming. Since lilacs figured prominently in those areas, I could just see a great field of bouquets, shining every shade of purple.

Then there was always a picnic, or a tote-your-own-lunch, so that was appealing, as well.

DDIL and her Mama went this morning to "do" the graves at the smalltown cemetery of her Mama's family.

Hope you're having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


Angela McRae said...

Yes, I've heard it called "Decoration Day" and love that you still carry on this very important tradition!

Elizabeth said...

I never heard it called "Decoration Day" but love that and that you keep up the tradition. I am afraid that too many people now think it is just about the beginning of summer, barbecues and beach trips!

Nora @ Teacup Tales said...

I've never heard the term "Decoration Day" before. What great community service that involves all of the family. These men and women should never be forgotten.

Marilyn Miller said...

My husband and I were having a discussion just yesterday about Memorial day and after research found that it originally was called "decoration day". Wikipedia said it was most prevalent in the southern states. I do remember hearing of it, but not until I married someone from closer to the south did I have family members decorate the graves.


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