Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 7 - Last Afternoon in New York

 Our trip to Philadelphia and New York City was a great experience for all.
We were so happy daughter #1 and the SIL let Peyton travel with us.
We were invited to attend the Closing Bell Ceremony at the NASDAQ
on our last afternoon, July 14. 

After a very busy afternoon of tea at The Plaza and our visit to the NASDAQ,
we attended the Lion King on Tuesday evening.
We had seen the show before, but it was Peyton's first time to see it.
 Wednesday morning, July 15,  I snapped this photo in the taxi on the way to the airport.
We made lots of wonderful memories. 
This photo says it all! 


Elizabeth said...

It was a wonderful trip! Thanks for taking usvall along! I enjoyed it!

Rosemary said...

Such a fun getaway! Great memories!

relevanttealeaf said...

The perfect ending to a wonderful family trip. You just can't beat NYC! Thank you for taking us along vicariously.

Marilyn Miller said...

What a very special trip for one little boy!

Angela McRae said...

How exciting to get to be there for the NASDAQ Closing Bell Ceremony! And that picture of Peyton below the NASDAQ sign made me smile (as he so very often does)!


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