Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Favorite Teapot?

 Do you have a favorite teapot?
Last week members of the Afternoon Tea Across America Facebook Group
were asked to post a photo of their favorite teapot. 
Honestly, it is very difficult to pick my favorite, but I posted this 
Irish Belleek as my favorite for several reasons.  
My husband gave it to me as a birthday gift several years ago, 
thanks to Daughter # 1, Melissa, who saw it at half price in a Cincinnati 
tea room going-out-of-business sale.  She promptly called her dad and 
made the arrangements for him to buy it for my March birthday.
I have a bit of an affection for collection "shamrock" tea wares,
especially during March.  

If you enjoy afternoon tea and are on Facebook, you might 
want to join the Afternoon Tea Across America group.   


Joy said...

Yay for observant daughters who help their dads shop! What a wonderful gift, no wonder it is your favorite. I'd have a hard time picking a favorite teapot - I have one that belonged to my paternal grandmother, one that was given to me by my maternal grandmother, one my mother bought for me, one a sweet cousin gave me, and several I've bought for myself. Each one is special in its own way!

Elizabeth said...

My favorite is my old country roses!

Winifred said...

That's a pretty teapot & a lucky one as it looks like four leaf clover.

I only have a couple of teapots as I don't drink tea. Wish I liked it as my Mam always said it was refreshing & comforting. I think she drank about twenty cups a day. I only drink coffee but it isn't a refreshing drink. Just a stimulating one which I drink in even the hottest weather!

Angela McRae said...

I loved seeing all the pretty teapots (well, got to see some of them anyway; busy week!) but I especially love hearing the stories behind them. It makes it so much more special to know your daughter and husband conspired to get you this teapot!

racheld said...

OHHHH!! Several favorites, one of which is not even MINE---the Magical Teapot of Mammaw's unceasing Lipton fountain. It was a McCormick premium from the Forties, and you made your choice right there in the store and took it home. That thing would fill up every glass at the Sunday Dinner table, three times over into those big old grape-etched goblets, and never run out, straight from that small pot. Sis got that one, and I later bought the Aladdin companion, in the same aubergine, with a little white clerical collar.

The favorite One Which Got Away was a small Belleek set of Pot, Sugar and Creamer with small tray, also Shamrock, as I remember, but the mere IRISH of the thing may have tinged my memories. It had the daintiest little scallop-shell feet set up on their very edges, like a ballerina en pointe. I debated the enormous price, decided I could have that new washer and dryer pair for about the same cost as that charming frivolity, and have had a gentle pang of regret since. Not necessarily for the covet of the thing, or the having of so rare a treasure, but just to LOOK at now and then.

(And I STILL nurture a secret pout for the turquoise and gold Hall which fell prey to Chris' over-enthusiastic wiring of a computer line just behind their shelf, and which knocked down and shattered nine of my prize display pots).

But now, sometimes amongst the clutter of TOO MUCH STUFF, I occasionally wish them ALL back at Goodwill or the store.


Rosemary said...

Well, it is next to impossible to pick a favorite teapot! My two newest favorites would be the ones I just brought back from England! Will share those in a blog post soon. One had a beautiful assortment of wildflowers that were in bloom this summer, and the other has a subtle picture of Stonehenge tucked among flowers and butterflies. So happy that they both made it home safely!

Marilyn Miller said...

This is the perfect tea pot for someone with a March birthday. Very pretty!


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