Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Eating Gluten Free in Ireland

 After checking in at the Adare Country House, we walked 
to the main street of Adare in search of a place for lunch and a cup of tea.
We passed several restaurants and a large group of wedding
guests walking from the Dunraven Arms Hotel to the Trinitarian Abbey
on Main Street.  Many of the ladies were wearing fascinators.
I love seeing wedding parties in different countries, but I didn't take photos.
We enjoyed lunch at The Good Room Adare Cafe.
This was my first experience of ordering gluten free from the menu.
I did a lot of research in preparation of the trip. 
 I found Gluten Free Ireland to be very helpful.

Every pub, café, hotel and the B and B we visited  throughout our visit in Ireland
was very knowledgeable and accommodating for many different food allergies.

Below:  My chicken and bacon wrap on GF bread as a sandwich.  Delicious!
Above: Chocolate and caramel GF dessert
Below:  Coffee Cake (coffee flavored and different from American coffee cake)
Our lunch included several cups of Bewley's Irish Tea. 
To my tea loving friends: the tea bags or tea leaves were left in the teapot
every place we had tea.  


Joy said...

Looks delicious!

relevanttealeaf said...

Since the Irish and Brits like their tea strong enough to 'trot a mouse across' I'm not surprised they didn't decant the teapot. They've been drinking it that way for centuries, so why change now. ;-) Your gluten free meal looked delicious.

Marilyn Miller said...

How nice that you could find gluten free food. Did you remove the teabags when they had steeped long enough? I don't mind them leaving it if I can remove and have a little dish to put it in.

Angela McRae said...

Tea bags and tea leaves left in the pot. Hmm. Am pleasantly surprised to learn you didn't have trouble finding GF options abroad. I had wondered if that was mainly an American trend, but apparently not, and oh my, the foods look quite delicious!

Stockpiling Mom said...

I am so glad you were able to eat gluten free with no worries in Ireland!


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