Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Visiting Bunratty Castle

Sunday was our first full day in Ireland.
We decided to take a short drive Adare to Bunratty Castle near Shannon. 
This castle was built around 1425.  During the 16th and 17th centuries it was an
important stonhold for the O'Briens - kings and later earls of thromond or North Munster. 

Most of the photos I'm sharing were by Austin. 
Below: The Banquet Hall where the famous Bunratty Medieval Banquets,
take place on most nights. These are popular events for tourists held twice
 nightly,and booked in advance.  This room was the main living room of the common soldiers.
The banquet room above was originally used as the main living room
 of the common soldiers.  A small gate leads to the dungeon.
 Below: Glenn sitting in the Earl's chair.
The Earl gave "judgements" while sitting in his chair of the Estate.
 The original banquet hall, The Great Hall, has French, Belgian
and Flemish tapestries hung.on the walls.
I love Austin's photo of the steps.

 Back in the Great Hall below.
 The Earl's bedroom is in one of the towers.  The dress on the
bed belonged to her ladyship.  It is elaborated beaded (and very old),
 Austin and Glenn explored the castle from bottom to top
and including the four towers of six stories each.
and included guest bedrooms.
 The castle is entered by a drawbridge.

 Of course Austin checked out the dungeon.

We have toured several castles during our travels in Europe,
but this one "felt" and looked authentic compared to some of the others.
However, I admit my expectations of an "authentic castle" come
from reading historic romance novels through the years.


Latane Barton said...

So happy you are having such a lovely time in Ireland. Perfect time to go there... not so many tourists.

Joy said...

As I viewed your photos, I thought, "What an iconic castle." It does look just as I would expect a castle to look. And my expectations were probably formed by novel reading, too!

Bernideen said...

Great family photos and lovely scenes. Earl Glen fits right in!

racheld said...

What a lovely glimpse of such a far-ago abode! Your photos are wonderful, and capture such a time, such a time.

You just gave me a flashback to those pre-teen years in which the paperback section of our local library featured a shelf on which every single book had some form of the sentence, "She came to the Castle . . ." (Usually followed by "little knowing that . . ."

Beth said...

What a wonderful trip, Linda! You are making memories for years to come; Austin is blessed to have this opportunity. Lovely Ireland...thanks for sharing.

Rosemary said...

Love the beautiful historic castles in the old country - England, Ireland, Spain!

Angela McRae said...

So, 1425, eh? Makes absolutely everything in this country seem "modern" by comparison, doesn't it! (And yes, I love Austin's photo of those steps, too! Seems he has quite the artistic eye for composition.)


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