Friday, January 9, 2015

Assam Tea

This Assam Tea was one of three different teas in a Christmas gift
to my husband in a Secret Santa exchange at work.
Mon Tea is the only tea shop in Lexington, KY dedicated only to tea.
Their tea supplier is Elmwood Inn Fine Teas.  
According to the Mon Tea description,
this is a smooth single estate Assam.
Teas from the Assam region of India are "tippy" teas.
FYI - The tips are the unopened buds. 
Are you familiar with the "two leaves and a bud" fine plucking of tea?
(carefully hand-picked)

Above: the Assam before steeping
Below: the Assam after steeping
The flavor comes from the expansion of the quality loose leaf tea.

Notice the lovely amber color of the Assam
Assam is typically found in an English breakfast blend
or may be the only tea in a breakfast blend,
such as Irish Breakfast.
Assam is most often steeped a little longer (5 minutes) and drunk with an added splash of milk. 
I don't drink milk in my tea,
therefore I steeped this tea 3 minutes to suit my taste.
A tea tip from Linda:
Experiment with the length of time you steep your tea to
determine the taste you like best.

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