Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentine's Week

The tea cart sits in our "tea room" and has been decorated
in a Valentine's theme since February 1st.
The ribbon on the three tier server and the tea set change monthly.
The little lady bear holding the teacup and dressed in a pretty hat,
is helping celebrate.  She probably had a name on a tag when I found
her in a little shop in central Kentucky more than 10 years ago. 
But, if so, the tag has disappeared.  Is she a Boyds?  I don't know.
She has moveable arms and legs, and poses prettily on various holidays. 
The tea set and teacup trios are Duchess "June Bouquet."
I hand-carried them home in 2008, from a small china shop in
Stratford-upon-Avon, just a short walk from Shakespeare's home.
While the gentleman in china shop wrapped my purchases
and chatted with Glenn and Austin, I walked a short distance
to another shop and purchased carry-on bag to transport them home.
 (Fun memories!)
I like the pretty dainty rose pattern of the "June Bouquet."  
This set has been used several times for tea with family and friends.

Notice the large open sugar bowl and large milk jug?
The size is typical of many English tea sets. 

 I showed Austin the photo below while working on this post. 
He said I need to be sure you all know this photo was taken in 2008,
and not recently.  *Big Smile*
We celebrated his 9th birthday on the trip. 


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