Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ming Qian Dragonwell Shifeng (Green Tea)

 Today's cup of tea is Ming Qian Dragonwell Shifeng, 2014
from Red Blossom Tea Company 
The photo above shows the brew a little darker than it actually was. 
According to the Red Blossom Tea Company website, 
"this tea was gathered on March 26, 2014 from Shi Feng Shan, 
one of the most renowned Dragonwell producing areas of  Zhejiang Province.
Each bud and single leaf, a combination that is often called Qichlang or 'Flagged
Spear', is then pan-fired by hand in small batches."

"Shifeng Dragonwells are unique among the Dragonwell teas:  the leaf variety produces larger rounder leaf buds with a distinctive golden sheen — and pan-firing is typically done at lower temperatures but for a longer period of time.  The tea is organic, but not certified so." 

 "Shifeng styled Dragonwells are typically heartier, with a rich, 
buttery quality that is a result of leaf variety, terroir, and tea making style."
Most readers of this blog know, green tea is not my first choice of tea. 
But, this cup was very delicious, with a nice, smooth, mild flavor, 
I will order this tea to add to my selection of teas.  


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