Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Shelley "Rosebud" Teacup Trio+

This is my new Shelley "Rosebud" Teacup Trio plus an extra plate.
I'm sharing rosebuds today as we are nearing the end of February
because it is the traditional month or gentlemen to gift their ladies with pretty roses.  

There were no fresh roses for me for Valentine's Day 
because I am allergic to them. 
Instead, I received roses in the form of Shelley china!  
I would much rather have these roses in my house to enjoy
than to have fresh roses with my eyes watering and my nose itching! 
In case you are wondering, 
weddings and funerals send me into a big allergy attack. 
And, rose hips in herbal teas causes a respiratory reaction. 

OK, there you go Angela.  
The real reason I am picky about 
my tea choices. 

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