Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring Break 2015 - Salzburg

Our group, including the students and adults from 
PA and NY, toured a Salt Mine - Salzbergwerk Berchtesgaden
as we traveled toward Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart
and the location of "The Sound of Music."
We all concluded we're not interested in working in the salt mine. 
 There were two of these steep slides as we made our way through
 and  deeper into the mine. 
It was raining, so this was a nice indoor activity.
The rain didn't dampen our spirits, 
but it prevented us from taking very many photos. 
Below: the fountain featured in "The Sound of Music" 
Austin with Maria (no joke, that's her name)
 We walked across the Makartsteg Bridge over
 the Salzach River to the City Centre.  
This bridge is for pedestrians and cyclists only and is a "lock bridge."
Two lovers attach a padlock engraved with their names, declaring
their love forever, then throw the key into the river.   

More Salzburg to come...


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