Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spring Break 2015 - Salzburg Lunch and Tea

 Our guide Tom told us according to the legend, Cafe Tomaselli was
Mozart's favorite in Salzburg, 
So, of course that's where we went for lunch and tea.  
My tea was brought to the table on a small tray with
a small glass of water, a small glass dish to hold the tea "pouch."
The tea was brewing in the teapot when it was brought to the table.
(See the photo above.) 
 It was loose leaf Darjeeling in a "pouch." 
Teekanne is German for "teapot", and is a family-owned 
company since 1882.  

 They serve breakfast, pastries, coffee specialties and ice cream. 
I ordered a ham and cheese omlet 
Waiters take orders for your meal. 
A "Cake Lady" brings a tray of desserts around throughout the meal.
If you choose a dessert from her tray, you pay her immediately
and separately from your meal. 
 My dessert below. (I ate to top gluten free part and gave
Glenn some of the topping with the crust)
Several in our group ordered "THE Cake", the famous Sachertorte 
The Cafe Tomaselli very popular in Salzburg Old Town 
and has been run by the same family for 150 years. 

Note: According to the internet,
 Redco is a subsidiary of Teekanne and manufactures
and distributes, Salada teas, Red Rose Teas, and Junket brand deserts. 

Also, please note: 
I have a terrible case of jet lag as I write this post on Tuesday.
Please excuse typos.

Glenn's Salzburg hat shopping
One of the boys from NY bought a green one.

Next: On to Munich

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