Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Biltmore Visit

Last weekend Glenn was in California for a business trip, so Austin and I
drove to one of our favorite places, Asheville, NC,
and the fabulous Biltmore Estate.
The purpose of our visit was to view costumes from
the popular PBS TV series, Downton Abbey.
The costumes were exhibited throughout the Biltmore House
in various settings.
I bet you can you can guess the costumes in the kitchen.  
Photos are not allowed inside the house. bit they kindly
had one costume in a glass case. 
Read the description below. 
The mountains surround the estate.
Austin and I stayed at the Inn on the Biltmore Estate.
A great convenience of staying on the estate is free 
shuttle transportation to various locations on the estate. 
Austin and I enjoyed a delicious dinner in the dining room.
Mighty leaf tea is served at the Inn.
I enjoyed a cup of Earl Grey with dessert.
 Below: Creme Brulee' and Raspberry Sorbet

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