Thursday, July 23, 2015

Day 6 - New York

 Monday, July 13 was a quiet day for the boys and me.
While Glenn attended meetings all day, the boys wanted to build their Lego sets
and play games and videos on their electronics.
I convinced them to go out and shop for souvenirs.
I was determined to send Peyton home with a few NYC items 
in addition to all the Lego sets that his Grandpa bought him.
After Glenn returned from his meeting we went to dinner and out to explore.  
Visiting the Top of the Rock was a priority on my list. 
 These boys are really into selfies, and far better at taking them than me. 
I'm sure you can recognize the fingers "holding" the Empire State Building in the selfie  below. 
 The view was amazing in all directions. 
It was fun for the boys to see Central Park from this angle after driving
all the way around via tour bus, and through it via horse-drawn carriage. 
Glenn and I were there, too. Thanks to Peyton for the photo. 
 NYC is a great place to visit, but I sure am glad I live in my small Kentucky town. 
 After visiting the Top, we continued to explore around Rockefeller Center
 A little visit with Matt.  Peyton has never seen the Today show...
 We peeked in on the studio and I told him I was going to tell his mom to "make" him watch it. 
I told him the same when we looked into the Good Morning America studio. 
He didn't take my threat very seriously, and I doubt he has watched them, yet. 
 By the time Peyton enjoyed this milkshake, he was tired of posing for photos! 

The only time he complained was when we walked long distances in the heat,
and he said his legs were tired.   
I told him I've never heard him complain about running for hours on the soccer field in the heat.
He didn't have a comeback for that one, and kept on walking toward the hotel.
Of course, I knew Lego sets and electronics were in the hotel room.  


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