Monday, August 10, 2015

RTD Teas

 Most of you know I'm not a big RTD (ready to drink)Tea fan. 
I drink loose leaf black tea brewed in my Brown Betty Teapot daily. 

16 year-old Austin's favorite is the Peace Tea (Sweet Lemon Tea) in the photo. 
He is a big fan of the Arnold Palmer beverage (half tea and half lemonade).
 While standing in the aisle at the Richmond, KY Kroger, 
I couldn't help but notice the variety of RTDs some are made from 
the Camelia sinensis (tea plant) and some are herbal infusions
The Rooibee Roo (below)is marketed as a children's beverage.
I have previously tried the Rooibee Red Tea in glass bottles. 
Made with Roobios Tea (African Red Bush, not Camillia sinsensis) 
Everything I have read about the rooibos indicates it is high in anti-oxidents
and a very healthy, naturally caffeine beverage for all ages. 
I was not at all familiar with STEAZ (below), it says it is a 
lightly sweetened organic green tea.  The company also markets
an unsweetened RTD and a no calorie sweetened with stevia version. 
 The last one I saw on this shelf at Kroger is Honest Tea
 I decided to purchase the Honest Tea organic Half Tea and Half Lemonade (below). 
The label says that Honest Teas are "just a tad sweet" and that all the 
ingredients are organic including the black tea. 

As everyone knows, because I've written it often, my favorite
iced tea is unsweetened black tea.  So this will be an adventure for me...
Well, I was pleasantly surprised because, it was in fact "just a tad sweet."


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