Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hawaiian Volcano Oolong Tea

Last summer when we were in Hawaii, we toured the Hilo Coffee Mill plantation.
We were unable to visit a tea plantation, so I was happy to find Hawaiian tea
at the Coffee Mill gift shop. 
I purchased 100% Hawaiian Oolong Tea, "grown and processed on the slopes of an active volcano."
According to my internet research, this 1st flush Oolong is hand picked and hand processed.
The tea is grown in the lush rainforest surrounding Volcanoes National Park.  
The Camellia Sinsensis plants are about 6 years old and only approximately
 100 pounds per year is produced for sale. 

  This 1st flush Oolong tea has a "whiffing sweet aroma, 
bright and clear liquor and a delicate floral and fruity flavor."


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