Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Eating Gluten Free in Ireland

 After checking in at the Adare Country House, we walked 
to the main street of Adare in search of a place for lunch and a cup of tea.
We passed several restaurants and a large group of wedding
guests walking from the Dunraven Arms Hotel to the Trinitarian Abbey
on Main Street.  Many of the ladies were wearing fascinators.
I love seeing wedding parties in different countries, but I didn't take photos.
We enjoyed lunch at The Good Room Adare Cafe.
This was my first experience of ordering gluten free from the menu.
I did a lot of research in preparation of the trip. 
 I found Gluten Free Ireland to be very helpful.

Every pub, cafĂ©, hotel and the B and B we visited  throughout our visit in Ireland
was very knowledgeable and accommodating for many different food allergies.

Below:  My chicken and bacon wrap on GF bread as a sandwich.  Delicious!
Above: Chocolate and caramel GF dessert
Below:  Coffee Cake (coffee flavored and different from American coffee cake)
Our lunch included several cups of Bewley's Irish Tea. 
To my tea loving friends: the tea bags or tea leaves were left in the teapot
every place we had tea.  


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