Thursday, November 5, 2015

Gregans Castle Hotel Dinner

From Fodor's Travel Ireland: 
"One of Ireland's best-loved country-house hotels, this quiet, low-key retreat is a romantic 
creeper-covered Georgian house, set amid pretty gardens with a splendid view of the rocky Burren hills and Galway Bay beyond." 
The hotel has 15 beautifully decorated rooms and 6 suites and is located 
3 miles from the nearest village. 
One of the tour books describes Gregans Castle Hotel as a "gourmet retreat." 
It is an award-winning hotel and restaurant. 

The dinner menu below: In addition, the chef made several delicious
and beautiful surprises which were served. 
 Our meal was a lovely gourmet treat! 
After dessert, dinner ended with coffee (or tea) served by Benjamin with...
 Petit Four
This was unlike Petit Fours I've experienced.
In the foreground, a homemade lolly pop set in sugar.   


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